Finale Lua Scripts

JW Lua and RGP Lua scripts

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Chord Kerner v2.3 (for Mac only)

A full function alternate editor to replace Finale’s own Chord Suffix Editor.

Easily change chord suffix elements (position, text style, characters, fonts etc)

Works directly in the score, at any magnification level.

Includes The Chord Librarian – create a printable reference file of all of your chord suffixes with a single click.

(runs RGP Lua v0.67)

***Currently only runs on Mac – Windows version coming soon***

Kudos for Chord Kerner

•This product is FULLY endorsed by myself and Conquering Finale!! It’s amazing!

-Jason Loffredo (Conquering Finale)

•Excellent. A must have.

•I spent the last 3 days dealing with suffixes, playback, and fretboards and the Chord Kerner is what preserved my sanity.

•This is the most significant Finale plugin in recent years. The amount of time saved from now on is almost incalculable. You have achieved the impossible: I now WANT to edit my chord library!!

-Brad Cole (Music Director-Phil Collins)

•Chord Kerner is truly incredible! Get this now!

•Wow! This is what the Finale chord suffix creator/editor should have been all along.

Copy Text to Clipboard

Instantly send all of the text from a Finale file to your clipboard to paste into a text document for spell checking.

Options to copy/paste Lyrics, Expressions, Textblocks, and/or Text Repeats.

Articulation Kerner

A fully functioning replacement interface for Finale’s Articulation Designer.

Change articulation settings and see the results in the score – in real time!

Insert Binding Guides

Adds non-printing graphic to show where 3 ring, spiral or Cerlox binding will be in the margins of your document

Convert Measurement Units

A handy calculator-like tool for converting Inches to Centimeters to Spaces to EVPUs etc.

(runs on JW Lua and RGP Lua)

Move Rest Up / Down / Off The Page

A simple script that moves rests up and down by a single space, ideally triggered with a keystroke.

Move rests off the page to hide them while keeping their spacing properties, and still showing ghosts of other hidden objects

Page Break – Every Page

Adds a Page Break to the first measure of every page in the current part to help lock page formatting.

Randomize Music

Use this when sharing a file for diagnostic reasons, but you don’t want to share your actual

musical content. This script will randomize the pitches within a user defined interval.

The music becomes unrecognizable, but the file’s settings remain the same.

(runs on both JW Lua and RGP Lua)

Replicate Music

Inspired by the ‘R’ key in Sibelius, this script will duplicate the selected music immediately

to it’s right. When added with a shortcut or hotkey, it makes fast work for repeated passages.

(runs on JW Lua or RGP Lua)

Add ♭ or ♯ to Key Signature

A set of 2 Lua Scripts that will cycle the selected measure’s key signature

by one sharp or flat.

Find Grace Note Tuplets

Searches the document and locates the measure of any Grace Notes that are defined as Tuplets.

Use this utility to solve Finale’s dreaded disappearing music bug.