Reset Dynamics After Import Help

Open the Expression Selection window of your Finale template file (the file you have imported to)

Make a note of the Dynamics Expressions along with their ID numbers.

Run the Reset Imported Dynamics Lua Script, and input any incorrect ID numbers in the boxes.

Click Reset Expressions and close the window, the imported expressions should have swapped with the correct

expression in your template file.

The default numbers in the dialog box can be changed by opening the Reset Imported Dynamics.lua file in any text editor.

This will allow you to run the script without the need to change the ID numbers each time

(assuming you are always importing to the same file)

Find the list of variables (labeled DYNAMICS) near the top of the file.

Change the numbers after the variables to the preferred default ID number and save the Reset Imported Dynamics.lua file.

For example, if your forte marking is has an ID number of 12, change:

local dyn_f = 4


local dyn_f = 12

If you feel comfortable with some basic Lua coding, you can add your own expressions to the script, by studying

the script and duplicating some of the basic format.

Added expressions will not appear in the dialog window, but will run in the background.

If you are always importing to the same template file, the hard coded default ID numbers should work for you.