Finale Resources

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Keyboard Maestro Macros

Streamline your workflow even further by reducing mouse clicks, managing your UI, and linking actions together with simple key commands. Free downloads!

Finale Fingering Diagrams

Need a simpler way to add fingering diagrams to band music? Load these into Finale as articulation libraries, and they can be used in any Finale file.

Smart Shape Libraries

Create educational slides and worksheets more easily with this innovative solution to common graphic needs.

Finale Lua Scripts

Make Finale better by using Lua Scripts. Click here to find a collection of useful Finale tools, including The Chord Kerner, a full function alternative to the Chord Suffix Editor

Sample Keyboard Maestro macro: Finale 26 Palette Mover

Looking for Further Finale Resources?

They have everything on the Internet now. Even these excellent links.

Conquering Finale: Jason Loffredo’s All Encompassing Video Tutorial series

Finale Superuser: Nick Mazuk’s tutorials, scripts, and more

Robert Patterson Plugins: Must-have plugins for Finale

JW Plugins/Finale Tips: More must-have plugins

Scoring Notes: Podcast, tutorials, blogs, and more

Jet Stream: Don’t Just Streamline Your Workflow… JetStream it!

Finalisons!: French Finale Forum and Resources

Keyboard Maestro: Incredibly powerful macro designer for Mac users