Keyboard Maestro Macros

Already using Keyboard Maestro on your Mac to speed up your workflow in Finale? These macros address some common issues with navigation, the UI, and other common actions.

‘Too Many Beats’ Options

Adds mouse-less command of the ‘Too Many Beats In this Bar’ dialog box. Also includes an undo and programmable default setting.

Quarter Eighth Triplet

Use Option-3 to activate Quarter Eighth triplet rhythms in Speedy Entry

Finale Palette Mover

Six programmable palette positions that can be recalled on demand. Great for multiple monitor setups. (Suitable for intermediate to advanced users)

Filter Macros

Fast access to Finale’s Filter settings for copy/paste or Clear Items to delete specified elements in your score.

Menu Macros

A palette of useful stuff you find in Finale’s menus. Resize notes, change notehead shapes, change enharmonic options or measurement units, all with 2 keystrokes.

Layer Warning Bell

Get a subtle warning when you enter Speedy or Simple entry while in Layers 2-4.